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Brave announced their integration of IPFS to enable their users to “seamlessly browse the decentralized web”. This integration allows users to “access content directly from IPFS by resolving ipfs:// URIs via…a full IPFS node in one click.” This is a big moment!

But, how do you store and host content on IPFS to serve to all of these new IPFS users? In this blog, we will show you how to upload content to IPFS through Pinata and view it using your Brave browser. Let’s get started!

Using Crypto NFTs

Proposals around Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) are currently being debated within the NCAA as well as state and national legislators. NIL, at its simplest, is the idea that college athletes should be able to earn income from endorsements and other business opportunities. The majority of the conversation with NIL centers around athletes being paid to endorse products for others. However, another opportunity exists for college athletes to earn income using a concept within the blockchain space called Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are crypto tokens that represent digital assets using blockchain technology. Anything that is created digitally, an image, a song…

How to Submarine an NFT with IPFS

What if you could create an NFT that doesn’t publicize the digital asset it represents until after it’s purchased? This is a question we’ve been thinking about frequently at Pinata. In this blog, we will walk you through a proof of concept to create an NFT that “submarines” the digital asset it represents until it is purchased. This concept will create a public proof of what the digital asset is supposed to be but doesn’t expose it before time of purchase.

To start, we decided to test out OpenSea’s new Collection Manager to submarine our NFT. …

Using IPFS and Rarible

At the end of this blog, you will have learned how to:

1) Upload your audio file to IPFS with Pinata

2) Mint an NFT for your audio file with Rarible to sell on marketplaces

This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of creating audio files, how to use crypto wallets, and why NFTs need to use IPFS.

Upload to IPFS

The first thing you will want to do is upload your audio file to IPFS. IPFS or the InterPlanetary File System is a protocol that secures files to NFTs because of something called “content-addressability”.

Content-addressability allows NFT creators and collectors…

Purpose-Built, Secure, and Ad-Free

Why is it so difficult for Web3 creators to store and manage their NFT files? Simple, it’s because we still live in a Web2 world. In this post, we will discuss the 3 major problems with using Web2 file systems for NFTs. Then, we will show you how Pinata solves these problems for NFT files by being purpose-built, secure, and ad-free.

Don’t Use Dropbox for NFT Files

How do you manage your NFT files? You could use something like Dropbox or Google Drive to host and manage the file. There is a whole world of Discord communities sharing Dropbox links with each other. But, is a…

Using MagicaVoxel, IPFS, and Rarible

Watch “How to Create a Voxel NFT to Sell” above or read the tutorial below

At the end of this blog, you will have learned how to:

1) Export and render your voxel using MagicaVoxel

2) Upload your voxel to IPFS with Pinata

3) Mint an NFT for your voxel with Rarible to sell on marketplaces

This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to create voxels using MagicaVoxel, how to use crypto wallets, and why NFTs need to use IPFS.

Create Voxel

“Export” as “vox”

Export your voxel file from MagicaVoxel. To do so, go to the lower right-hand corner and…

Using MagicaVoxel, Pinata, and IPFS

In this blog, I will show you how to create a .vox file for Cryptovoxels using MagicaVoxel, Pinata, and IPFS. If you’d prefer to watch how to create a .vox file, please watch the video above! You can visit Pinata’s Cryptovoxel spot on Proxima island here:,24U,572N

Download MagicaVoxel

The first thing you will want to do is download MagicaVoxel. MagicaVoxel is the tool you will be using to create your 3D voxel file for Cryptovoxels. To do so, go to Once there, download the best version for your computer.

Create .Vox File

Is Da Vinci Responsible for Maintaining the Mona Lisa?

Who is responsible for maintaining NFT data not stored on a blockchain? This is a question we’ve ran into frequently at Pinata working with creators creating crypto collectibles, crypto art, and crypto games. The current assumption is that the company, the artist, or the game that created the NFT is responsible for maintaining any of the data associated with the NFT not stored on a blockchain. This is an unsustainable assumption that we will address in this post.

For familiarity, Non-fungible tokens or NFTs, are tokens minted on blockchains that are individually unique. This means that no other token is…

And Why They Are Useful

The Interplanetary File System, or IPFS, is a distributed storage network made up of “nodes” or computers all over the world where people and apps are storing and sharing data. When an IPFS node retrieves data from the network it keeps a local cache of that data for future usage, taking up space on that particular IPFS node. IPFS nodes frequently clear this cache out in order to make room for new content.

But, what happens if you want to make sure that certain content will never be deleted? The act of saving data on an IPFS node is often…

Buying and Selling Data

IPFS is well-suited to handle the buying and selling of data. This blog is going to quickly cover why today’s infrastructure is poorly suited to facilitate such transactions, why successfully buying and selling data needs a content addressable protocol like IPFS, and some other gaps that need to be solved for.


Imagine you wanted to buy data from someone selling IoT sensor data about packages shipped in the US. Today, there is no way to identify that the data is what it is supposed to be. This is because the data isn’t identified individually and could be tampered with at…

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